How to Make Green Fashion an Everyday Choice

What do you do if you’re a marine biologist with an entrepreneurial streak who wants to indulge it by opening a business, but you want it to be part of the solution, rather than adding to the problem? Open an online eco fashion site, of course.

Fashion & Earth organic fashionsThat’s what Adrian Desbarats, up in Prince Edward Island, on the far east edge of Canada, decided to do. Far from being yet another boutique green fashion site in an obscure location, Desbarats is about to launch a site with high ambitions: To make the buying of sustainable fashions an affordable, quick, painless experience, at great prices.

It’s easy to find expensive green fashion like Natalie Portman’s vegan shoe line and other such boutique items, or on the other side, hippy skewed hempwear. But what if you want fashion for the more everyday, that looks good, wears well, and is reasonably priced? This is where Fashion & Earth aims to fit.

Now the question that came to my mind is, isn’t there other sites out there that do just that? Desbarats was on the case, with a well thought out response:

Most of these sites do what’s called “drop ship” which is to say that when you order something, they go tell the clothing company that made that garment to ship it. That extra link in the chain, coupled with that company being located perhaps all the way across the country from you, means a long wait may be in store for you.

Desbarats continued to say that often, green fashion makers aren’t the best at marketing themselves. He aims to fill that gap at Fashion & Earth, making the buying of eco conscious fashion a common sense, interesting, and natural occurrence for a wider section of the population, beyond the green “choir” who already get it. Evidence of this is to be seen on their well written page detailing the benefits and care of fabrics from bamboo to soy to the less high profile tencel, which I learned from their page is wood pulp based and uses a closed loop manufacturing system!

In a smart move to eliminate the wait, They have two warehouses, both located in the middle of the country. Toronto for Canada and Michigan for the US. In this, most everybody is within 3 days shipping. And shipping is free, both in receiving, and returning.

It’s in these measures, plus the clothing choice deftly filtered by Desbarats’ wife Melissa Rommens, that Fashion & Earth has a definite chance at being a top purveyor of eco minded fashions.

They launch by mid September.

Readers: What are some of your favorite finds for green fashion with good service? Physical stores are welcome in this mix, too.

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