Cashing In On Sarah Palin With Green Vodka

Ecopreneur Toby Foster’s organic vodka is made from locally grown Alaska potatoes and glacier water and marketed under the name Permafrost vodka. The Glaciar Creek distillery is Alaska’s first licensed distillery and Foster hopes to cash in on the increased interest in the last frontier.

Or does he?

Alaskan entrepreneur Foster has been working on his pet project, an organic vodka for the past 5 years. His eco friendly operation uses only locally harvested product and plans to use the ethanol extracted during the distilling process to help run the plant’s electrical generators. The unused potato parts will be composted for use in plant side gardens planned for the future.

So what does this have to do with Sarah Palin? Not much until a few months ago. Ecopreneurs in Alaska have benefited from the increased interest in all things north of the lower 48. As reporters bundle up and head for Anchorage, coverage of all things Alaska pop up in mainstream media sites and blogs across the web.

But will it last? Will investment dollars follow? Will consumers suddenly start noticing and purchasing goods from the frozen north in an effort to be hip? What impact will the results of the election have…if the GOP wins or loses?

Like many an ecopreneur, before him, Toby Foster finds himself in the golden moment when a long held dream and a lot of work meets serendipity. As a long time fan of Alaska…the place, not the politics I think this might just be the opportunity for ecopreneurs of the state to bring their products to the wider world.

I predict greater interest in Alaska, a state populated by nature lovers…despite what you think about there recreational activities, they do tend to be outdoorsmen and women who appreciate the natural world…one we city dwellers see, as Fran Lebowitz once put it, as a place you pass through between the building door and a taxi. I think, even if the GOP loses that we will see increased interest in all things Alaska.

So, what is an ecopreneur to do with this opportunity? Triple bottom line business owners, particularly those of the democratic persuasion, may have an internal struggle with this situation. But I see it as an opportunity. Be true to yourself Toby and look at the opportunity for what it is – a chance to spread your green message that has been handed to you. Use it wisely.

Photo Credit: Rob Stapleton Alaska Journal

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  • sam

    This sounds very interesting. I need to sample this. 🙂

  • fly

    It’s out!!

    I suppose because of the Italian bottle it’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth it for a try. And the rumor at the liquor store counter (Gold Rush on Old Seward) is that the price will be dropping soon due to a new bottle supplier.

    It’s really smooth and creamy with a slight oiliness but very little aftertaste and no harshness at all. Even my nondrinking friends comment on how smooth it is. A great vodka for drinking straight up, chilled of course!