Introducing ‘The Inspired Economist,’ A New Resource For Ecopreneurists

Inspired Economist

For those of you who do not know already, Green Options Media has added a new blog to its blog network. The Inspired Economist is a business resource for the “New” Economy. It is the perfect read for individuals and companies who are passionate about economic, social, and environmental challenges.

The Inspired Economist was launched in response to the need for a business publication that covered the growing opportunities and issues surrounding sustainable business. The Founder, John-Paul Maxfield, is excited about joining the Green Options Network saying, “A partnership with Green Options is an incredible opportunity for the Inspired Economist and our readers. It will allow us to gain further visibility, as well as leverage a very talented writer base. It will effectively spread our mission to become the authority on a growing new approach to capitalism and the business framework that is sure to follow.

The Inspired Economist (IE) ( provides a bridge between idealism and capitalism, profit and passion, iconoclast and industrialist, right and left, and all of the other dichotomies that serve as distractions from the serious issues that face the world. The IE aims to foster creativity, and to rally both emerging and established business leaders around the goal of creating a more just and sustainable society. A multi-media resource for the New Economy, the IE serves individuals and companies focused on the nexus of people, planet and profit: the “triple bottom line.”

Already the blog has been tracking important issues related to to the current economic and political situation. Here are just a few articles that will interest ecopreneurists:

Economy In Recession: The Cost Of Allowing Lehman Brothers to Fail

Growing Food to Feed Cars Will Continue to Drive Up the Price of Food

Election Coundown: Socialism Vs. Capitalism

Using Core Values for Environmental Causes and Green Marketing

Taxpayer Bailouts : The Lie You Need To Know

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