San Francisco Businesses Get Ten Thousand Dollars for Solar

Newsome announces San Francisco commercial solar subsidies As we end the year, I’m looking back at 2008 and am happy to see that some good things did happen this year. In addition to Federal subsidies for renewable energy purchases being renewed and even increased, cities governments also stepped up with programs to support cleaner energy adoption.

On September 30, 2008, City Solar Tour stopped in San Francisco, and Mayor Gavin Newsom used the opportunity to announce a program to subsidize conversion to solar power for commercial users in San Francisco.

Although commercial users throughout the City can apply, the City of San Francisco is reaching out to commercial users whose location makes solar power particularly financially viable. They used the to identify 1600 companies in downtown San Francisco where it is sunny much of the year and sent letters letting them know about the availability of up to ten thousand dollars for solar subsidies and the availability of a free audit to evaluate the viability of solar power for their commercial building.

See the text of the Mayor’s press release for more details. And, if you are a business or commercial building owner (or even a home owner) in San Francisco, check out the subsidy programs.

The press conference was also a chance to celebrate that San Francisco was chosen by the US Department of Energy as one of 25 cities to receive grants to support solar programs. For San Francisco, that means technical assistance and funds worth over $250,000. You can see a list of all of the cities and programs being supported by the DOE on the DOE website.

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