When Bicyclists and Opportunity Collide: A Green Marketing Innovation

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What do you get when you’re in a town where bike riders rack up 8 times the US national average for bike commuting? An opportunity. Ads On Bikes is a Portland, Oregon based company that may have hit on a phenomenal way to make companies, bikers, and the environment all happy.

In a pair of sentences I doubt you’ll see anywhere else, they say, “We can show you the time and place your ads have been seen along with the value we’ve assessed for a particular route. If cyclist’s route is less relevant to the needs of your campaign, you’ll pay less.” To Ads On Bikes, relevancy means they “…look at a variety of factors including proximity to your business, pedestrian foot-traffic and the time of day the cyclist was riding.”[social_buttons]

In a time where advertising scattershot out there is just not an option for all but the biggest companies, it’s refreshing to see a way to know, via GPS, exactly where and how much your spending is getting you. Like Google’s pay per click model, advertisers can set a fixed budget or duration, so it’s known ahead of time how much exposure this will get them.

In a genius move, they have no need to hire riders for biking the ads around town. They simply pair up people who already ride to work with advertisers whose needs match where they bike. And the bicyclist gets paid for doing what they already do.

Interested in being a rider? This form guides you through the process

This is just, um, getting rolling, they are open to investors. You can reach them here to begin that dialogue

Readers: What other inventive combination of marketing and resources have you seen out there? Comment below please.

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