A Green Social Media Story – Paw Luxury.

As many of you know, I am heavily involved in social media. (You can follow me personally @mcmilker where I talk a lot about green and social media)

I’m actually rather excited today though, since one of the accounts I set up and manage on Twitter, @greenmoms just won the 2008 Shorty awards for green. I’m looking forward to going to New York City to accept the award along with the Greenmoms founder, Lynn, from organicmania.

There, are, of course, more and more green social media success stories and today I’d like to talk about one – Paw luxury – their tagline – eco-living for the everyday dog.

Adam and Wendy, live in Williamsport, PA successfully ran YourAuctionCompany, where they sold on eBay for people locally for over 5 years. Adam describes how they got started with Pawluxury and their vision as follows::

… we meet some wonderful people along our journey. So, then we decided that we needed a change and one day we looked at our little boxer girl Lola (our child) and had a light bulb moment. We answered the age old question “What are we passionate about?” We realized we were passionate about the earth, our dog and making a difference in the world.

Evolving from the overwhelming love of our beautiful, loyal, carefree, lovable and cuddly boxer named Lola, Paw Luxury was born. As proud parents we wanted to give Lola the best nature had to offer but found it difficult to find eco-friendly products under one roof. So we went sniffing with Lola, searched high and low and dug a few holes along the way. Then we thought to ourselves why not create a one-stop online destination that caters to the need for healthy alternatives.

As well established users of online media, they entered the social media space and have built up quite a following using a variety of social media tools, starting with Youtube. Adam says:

We use Youtube to create video & viral content that dog owners and animal lovers will enjoy. By creating a profile and including a link to our blog or website in it, the exposure gained on Youtube we create brand awareness and increase traffic to our blog, our online store, other social media outlets, or any other content that we created. We often do video product giveaways, video of Lola, post product reviews of items sold on pawlux.com, how to video, tips etc. We have in the works a podcast we will also be placed on youtube. Youtube is a great way for people to get to know us and our adorable Lola personally and people can put  a face with the company. We want to always be transparent with the social media communities we are proud & lucky to be a part of.

Youtube is only part of their strategy though. Their twitter profile, @pawluxury has over 11,000 followers. They use their Facebook page to enable fans to get updates on PawLuxury happenings, blog post, view pics of Lola, watch other viral funny viral pet related youtube videos & more.

Adam sent me a list of the various social media and social bookmarking sites they have and I spent some time looking through them. Like most of us in social media, they diligently update some and let others fall by the wayside. They keep their Flickr photostream and Linkedin profile updated and have let some of their social bookmarking profiles fall by the wayside. They are also very active Twitter users.

This is, actually appropriate. As the social media web evolves, it is important to determine which sites will work best for you. Spending hours updating 15 different social media sites is not good use of your time as an ecopreneur. Determining which sites your target market reads and uses and making these the best they can be is.

It can be tough determining if you should focus on your blog and driving readers to it via Digg, Delicious and similar sites or rather you should focus on interacting with customers and potential customers on Facebook and Twitter. Developing metrics by which to measure your success in social media is key and then following through with analyzing the traffic generated by use of various social media tools leads to success using these new marketing tools.

Adam and Wendy have found a way to make social media work for them – how about you?

About the Author

Hear Maryanne speak on Social Media for Socially Conscious Brands at Expo East on September 27th! Maryanne Conlin is CPG brand marketer and digital marketing expert, CEO of RedRopes Digital and Partner Digital Strategy, 4GreenPs. A Shorty Award winner for best Green Content on Twitter, she was a member of the IAA team that won the Green Award in 2010 and most recently was a finalist for the PRSA - Los Angeles PRISM awards for social media. She and her team focus on providing strategic marketing direction, custom content for web, mobile and social platforms, social media community management and online promotions and digital advertising solutions for companies in the green, food and Hispanic space. Follow her on Twitter @maryanneconlin