Purpose in virality. United Nations came knocking.

  • Published on February 5th, 2009 by

The purpose of mokugift is to make make tree planting easy and affordable.  Making that mission a reality isn’t as easy as the concept.

The last few months at mokugift have been a great learning experience.  Last year we received some great feedback from our users.  In October we were building a new version that enabled people to choose which country their trees are planted in.  We also changed the art from a cartoon style to a 3D graphic model style.  The impact was interesting.  When mokugift first launched, people thought it was targeted to kids.  With the new art and features we were being considered for general gifting.  This improvement also changed the number of trees sent per gift.

In December mokugift we were contacted by the United Nations Environment Programme.  They told us about their Billion Tree Campaign (7 Billion trees roughly equals one per person).  Their campaign is simple and compelling.  There was a good fit with our service, which enables ordinary people to plant a tree in few clicks.UNEPPlant For The Planet

Around this time, took a step back and started to ask ourselves why our growth was linear.  Whenever we tell people what mokugift does, they get excited and start thinking up new ideas and people to put us in touch with.  Mokugift inspires people, but we never really focused on building the tools for them to share that inspiration and positive energy.

We felt the same excitement when we heard about the Billion Tree Campaign.  We knew it was time to put the two together and provide tools not just to plant trees, but to also share the inspiring story of the Billion Tree Campaign.  We announced our official partnership with the UNEP in December.  We began building tools to enable people to spread the word easily.  We also decided to track and show how inspiration spreads from one person to the other.  Now, if a tree is planted in a forest, everyone hears (eventually).

On Feb 3rd we launched a new version of mokugift with viral features and the story of the UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign.  Please check it out and tell us what you think: http://www.mokugift.com

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I am the cofounder of mokugift. Plant a tree for $1.