Good Marketing is a Two-Way Conversation

Cone LLC A Boston-based branding firm Cone LLC recently released a survey that quantifies consumer interest in having a two-way dialog with the companies they buy from. As we often discuss on this blog, social media is a perfect medium for mission-based companies, such as green businesses. And now eco-entrepreneurs have some real stats to chew on:

First of all 60% of Americans use social media, and the figure is higher for your market, if you sell to younger Americans.

Cone surveyed almost 1100 adults and found that (of that 60%) 85% feel that companies should interact with their customers via social media.

I found it interesting that the men surveyed were twice as likely as women to use social media to interact frequently with companies (33% versus 17%).

If you are looking for some examples of how companies are using social media to engage consumers, check out Mashable’s 35 Examples. Not all of them are exactly about two-way conversation. However, many, such as the Starbucks’ idea site do let consumers tell companies what they want.

For those of you who are asking, “What is social media?”, Max Gladwell did a great post on our sister blog Sustainablog last year.

One of the great things about social media is that it is generally a free marketing channel (beyond labor, that is). However, word is that Twitter will start charging companies for accounts soon.

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