New Green Stimulus Guide Hits The Stands

Having spent considerable time discussing how ecopreneurs can get a piece of the stimulus money, I was eager to read the new Green Stimulus Guide published by The Green Research Council.  A 83-page document, it summarizes all the various opportunities presented by the stimulus package.

The Guide is filled with lots of information and hundreds of links to sites where more info and funding applications can be found.

The Guide starts by explaining the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and how it breaks down. Contained within the Guide is info about Green Energy Initiatives (DOE), Tax Credits, Green Environmental Projects (EPA)  Green Transportation Initiatives (DOT), Green Building Initiatives and Green Jobs/Job Training. It provides a modest number of “tips” and information as to how to actually land stimulus money which will be helpful to many people outside the Beltway. One that stuck out to me was contained within the “How To Apply” section:

Because of the emphasis on speed in order to quickly stimulate the economy, many of the
funds are already earmarked for specific programs, sometimes with products and contractors picked and ready to go…Because of the size of many of these projects, contractors who have been awarded projects may well be looking for joint venture or subcontractor partners.  If you run a small business in one of the green project categories, be alert for advertisements in local papers, state websites, and professional organizations to get in on some of the awarded projects that need extra help.

The Guide also does a good job of explaining which monies will be allocated federally and which will come from the states. It also has a wealth of links (did I say links enough, yet?) and laying out the flow of money.

If you are looking for a solid understanding of the ARRA act and what it contains this report will be of value. What it lacks in insider tips, it makes up for with its easy to use links and its simplification of a rather complex set of funding opportunities.


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Jennifer Kaplan writes regularly about sustainable food and wine, the intersection of food and marketing and food politics for and is the author of Greening Your Small Business (November 2009, Penguin Group (USA)). She was been named one of The 16 Women You Must Follow on Twitter for Green Business. She has four kids, a dog, a hamster and an MBA - find her on .
  • Looks like this will be a great resouce! Thanks for the post.

  • looks great – I just downloaded it -thanks for the heads up!

  • Great guide. Hopefully we will begin seeing more that lip service from our government regarding green businesses.