Resourcefulness: how a little telco out-maneuvers the giants

  • Published on May 17th, 2009 by

kajeet logoBeing small and focused helps us stay true to our mission in everything that we do.  When a company called kajeet approached us via Miller Strategic Marketing we did our homework and checked out their site, did a search on reviews and looked into the bios of the executive team.  We found out that kajeet is a mobile phone service that focuses on the needs of parents with young children.  This is consistent with the trend that companies that work with mokugift are focused on creating nurturing experiences or have developed nurturing cultures in their company.

Parenting brings out the pragmatic and resourceful skills in everyone.  kajeet approached us with the idea of

rewarding consumers for choosing refurbished phones by planting trees for them.  This idea is a win-win-win: reduce landfill waste, provide more value per phone, and plant a tree to create a net benefit to the planet.  Trees are a symbol of growth and nurturing.

kajeet came up with this idea because they live the green lifestyle as individuals and as a company.  kajeet’s located its office as close as it could to public transport, the founder drives a Prius when driving is required and the company is all about nurturing children for the future.  Most of the marketing is done online which does not require the felling of trees.  This is very different from the large mobile phone service providers that have filled my mailbox with a few trees worth of advertising.

If you have children, we recommend checking out kajeet, a company that cares about your children and their future. Now, when you purchase a refurbished phone through this page and using the code “reuse” you’ll save 10% off the price of the phone and kajeet will plant a tree for you through a partnership with mokugift and the UN Environment Program’s Billion Tree Campaign.

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