First Net-Zero Affordable Community to Break Ground

Bravo to the Capstone Development Group.

They are setting out to prove what we know to be true: Alternative energy saves money and that makes sense for everyone.

Using solar panels and wind turbines to eliminate customer utility bills, this affordable housing project proves that green communities do not have to be only for the upscale.

From the Capstone press release:

The long-awaited promise of affordable, net-zero, green living will finally become reality in a St. Louis suburban cornfield in southern Illinois, where 32 single-family homes will be rented for $590 per month. Solar panels, wind turbines and other technology will reduce the utility bills to $0.

Not only does this development promise zero utility bills for lower income families (and that’s social justice if I’ve ever heard it), the homes are expected to be LEED Platinum certified at completion as well. Let’s hope this is trend that continues on.

Photo: Capstone Development Group

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  • $590/month!? that’s amazing! and green? gravy! too bad it’s in IL (I kid, I kid). pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

  • And since the LEED program is the industry minimum standard what do these homes have above the minimum standard? Solar panels and what kind of wind turbines? This is a sort of secret? comon tell us…solar panels and a wind turbine, How much did the LEED certificate add to the costs?

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