Innovative Fruit Label Cleans Produce and Dissolves Away: Get a Stake in it Now!

Heard of a business plan lately that combines form + function + business sense?

Scott Amron, a celebrated artist and engineer has done just that! With a reputation for creating innovative and clever products, Scott has devised a simple but innovative FruitWash label that dissolves into soap and helps clean the produce its on!

Fruit Wash Labels That Dissolves

According to TakePart,

The artist and engineer, who made a splash a few years back with his simple yet revolutionary design for a toothbrush that can redirect water, is at it again with perhaps his most elegant idea yet: fruit stickers that dissolve into soap.

Fruit labels are stubborn and hard to remove. Sometimes I have to just cut off a part of the fruit to avoid the nasty glue that it leaves behind. But Scott’s FruitWash labels dissolve into an organic fruit cleansing produce wash that helps remove wax, pesticides, dirt and bacteria.  The sticker can come off normally but imagine the waste you are avoiding with those millions of little pieces of irksome labels floating around, sometimes in your sink and sometimes in the trash.

Features of the Labels:
– Washing turns label into Fruit Soap
– No stickers to peel off and throw away
– No expensive produce wash (fruit wash) to buy
– Displays Price Look-Up codes for fast & accurate check-out
– Label can also be removed normally by peeling off
– Water resistant
– Washing / rubbing with water triggers the turn
– Helps remove water-resistant wax, pesticides and fungicides    

(Just remember to wash your produce in a sink filled with water, rather than let the faucet run while washing for maximum effect and water savings).

The stickers have not hit the market yet but you can invest in the business model through a 10% stake in the venture. Now that is an Eco-entrepreneur!

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  • Dustin Hinz

    We don’t need innovative fruit stickers! Seriously, this is right in line with green washing. It is stuff like this that allows people to feel all warm and fuzzy about the great green purchase they just made — like they just saved the planet! Do you realize how backwards your first promotional paragraph is? In bold letters you clamor over the ability of this incredible sticker to wipe the pesticides right off your fruit. Don’t you get it? The pesticides — and the industrial food system itself — are the problem. A food sticker has nothing to do with what the actual problem is, and it is certainly not a solution.

    Why do you choose to write about and promote irrelevant feel-good, green-washed subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with the larger picture of what we, as an industrial civilization, are facing? Our entire way of life — globalized industrial civilization — is completely unsustainable. It depends on constant and abundant cheap oil. Our industrial food system is entirely propped up by fossil fuels. Geologists and scientists are now warning that we are at peak oil, as in, we have used up half of the oil that there ever was. Pesticides, if you didn’t know, are derived from oil. The plastics we use to package the food is derived from oil. Massive tractors that are the basis of industrial farming run on oil. And finally, our elaborate transportation system of interstate highways and semi trucks that gets food across the country is dependent on oil. Without oil, none of this system is possible, and the stark reality is that this is what we are facing.

    I have a lot of ideas for what we need to do. We could start with ending the industrial food system and creating a massive network of organic farmers in this country. We need 50 million organic farmers coast to coast in 20 years. As the over-arching rule, we need to localize and regionalize our economies in sustainable ways, and build durable and resilient communities. Let’s stop needing to “wash the pesticides” off of our food.

    To sum up, I would never write about a great, new, green, fruit label sticker because I think writing about that is a complete waste of time. It’s irrelevant. The moment we take our eyes off the larger prize of what the world is truly facing and devolve into the petty madness of feel-good, green-washed, guilt-relieving consumption techniques that focus on minute crap, is the moment we begin to dig our own graves.

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