GoGreen Conference Focuses on Sustainability and Sustaining Profits

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Held annually in a number of cities, the GoGreen Conference brings together businesses for one day to discuss sustainable business practices on a regional level. The conference caters to both established companies and start-ups who want their businesses to be more sustainable without sacrificing profits.

GoGreen ‘11 kicked off in Portland, OR, on October 4th. It featured more than 50 speakers, including keynote speakers Hannah Jones and Lorie Wigle. Jones is Nike’s Vice President of Sustainable Business and Innovation, and Wigle is General Manager of Intel Corporation’s EcoTechnology organization. Portland’s Mayor, Sam Adams, also spoke at the event. In a number of panel discussions, the conference covered topics as diverse as environmentally friendly transportation, achieving zero waste, and financing sustainability initiatives. Attendees of previous conferences have said that the information they received has already improved the bottom line of their businesses.

At a time when the negative impacts of businesses and industries are starting to gain more media attention, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to show that they are making an effort to be more sustainable. Businesses of all sizes are making an effort to go green, from the local garage door repair company to giants like Google and Chevrolet. While some companies go for big, media-friendly gestures like planting trees or purchasing carbon offsets, the GoGreen Conference tends to focus on ways that businesses can make their everyday practices greener.

While some question whether the green movement is enough to fix the planet, others wonder if businesses can continue to grow if they lose their focus on profit. In the business world, growth depends on increased consumption, which seems to be the very thing the green movement is working against. Consumption tends to lead to waste; arguably, it is the reason that a green conference is necessary in the first place.

However, the GoGreen Conference keeps in mind that businesses still need to make a profit to succeed, and it is focused on ways to continue increasing profits without destroying the planet. Rather than featuring speakers who are solely academics or environmentalists, the conference features speakers from the businesses themselves who have made a personal dedication to being more environmentally friendly.

The GoGreen Conference is one of a variety of similar conferences. Opportunity Green takes place in Los Angeles and features a similar guest list and focus, while Green America offers a number of conferences around the country. Additional GoGreen Conferences will be held in Phoenix, Denver, Austin, and Seattle.

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