Nature Woven Helps Add Greener Billboards to Cityscapes

Billboards take a fraction of our attention but are environment intensive. Signs are key to marketing and advertising so its high time we thought about how we can lower their impact. Our favorite stores will print thousands of signs to advertise just one promotion.

But what happens after the sale?

After a campaign or promotion is over, signs are simply disposed of into a landfill site. Most traditional billboards and signs are made of petroleum-based synthetics, which have a number of negative environmental impacts, including:

  • Runoff and toxic waste is produced during the manufacturing process
  • Reliance and use of limited resources
  • Contributing additional waste to landfills

With the lifespan of a typical sign that can last as little three weeks, it’s no surprise that companies across the globe are making strides to reduce waste internally and externally.  With those things in mind, Nature Woven™ develops 100 percent natural materials that begin life as plants, become signage and then complete their lifecycle as natural fertilizers that improve soil quality.

Nature Woven is an innovative solution for the marketing communications market that specifically address the environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concerns of brand owners and printers across the world. Nature woven products include a range of innovative, cost effective and biodegradable / compostable print materials to replace the widely used oil-based materials such as PVC within the advertising and retailing industries.

The development of these products had to satisfy the following strict design criteria:

  • made from predominantly sustainable plants,
  • able to be printed on industry standard machines to a high level compared to alternatives,
  • sold at a pricepoint comparable to industry standard products – no premium for green,
  • and, it could be disposed of at the end of their life in a greener way, thereby reducing the waste to landfill.

Brands such as Patagonia and Whole Foods are switching to Nature Woven products simply because it’s the most environmentally sustainable option on the market.

It’s time to look at a billboard differently!

About the Author

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