Yoxi Connects Social Entrepreneurs to Brands & Helps Do-Gooders Gain Visibility

How can we bring social entrepreneurs into mainstream media? By making the social innovation movement a part of the pop culture. Yoxi wants to do exactly that. This company identifies shared value business opportunities and matches brands with the social entrepreneurs to give these impact entrepreneurs a bigger platform to do better.

“We search for amazing people who work hard to change the world, and we connect them to new opportunities by telling their stories in the most creative, compelling ways. We call these people Social Innovation Rockstars (SIRs) because they are original thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and fearless leaders who care about creating lasting social value. The world needs them to have more visibility and influence, so we do our part by helping them reach a mainstream audience.”

Yoxi Wants to Create Shared Value through Collaboration

Yoxi likes to call itself a  for-value company. They believe we can create the greatest impact by collaborating and by forging meaningful partnerships.

We don’t waste time debating whether we should be for-profit or non-profit, we simply focus on creating shared value for all.

Their mission: There are many hardworking and brilliant social entrepreneurs. By connecting these movers and shakers to the right business and brands, Yoxi aims to amplify their impact.

Michael Porter, Harvard Business Review defines shared value and I cannot agree more!

Shared Value is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or even sustainability, but a new way to achieve economic success. It is not on the margin of what companies do but at the center.”

Are you a social entrepreneur ready to collaborate with Yoxi?

About the Author

Hi there! I am Priti and I specialize in strategy and communications for impact organizations that aim to create social, environmental and economic wealth for all stakeholders. Working from the ground up, I help these do-gooders craft effective programs for community engagement, outreach and profitability. Follow my work covering do-gooders, cleanweb, start-ups and Web 2.0 businesses on Ecopreneurist and at Crowdsourcing Week. I enjoy traveling with my boys, cooking up a gourmet meal from scratch and entertaining! Join my community for Social Entrepreneurs on G+ Follow me on Twitter, on LinkedIn and Google+