Carrotmob 2.0: Mob Your Local Businesses to Do Social Good

The Carrotmob movement has grown. And how? Carrotmob has now had over 200 campaigns around the world, in over 20 different countries. The community leaders and organizations who are responsible for putting together these campaigns have been looking for more help and support. Enter version 2.0.

You’ve heard the phrase: “Vote with your Dollars”.

This has become the most effective way today to encourage and sometimes force positive change. Admit it. Money talks. Carrotmob does exactly this! In a boycott, everyone loses. In a Carrotmob, everyone wins.

In a Carrotmob campaign, a group of people offers to spend their money to support a business, and in return the business agrees to take an action that the people care about.

“We are called Carrotmob because we use the “carrot” instead of the “stick.” Traditionally, people who wanted to influence businesses would threaten or attack them. We believe people can have more influence on businesses by giving them a positive incentive to change: our money.”

What a brilliant concept! I love this idea so much that my first post on Ecopreneurist was on – Carrotmob.

So How Do You Organize a Carrotmob Campaign?

  1. Choose an issue that has an environmental or social focus.
  2. Build a team and plan a campaign
  3. Talk to the business you are targeting and come up with an agreement (eg- If a mob patronizes the business, then in return the business will carry out the social or environmental goal)
  4. Pick a date and time
  5. Enter your campaign details on carrotmob and get it approved
  6. Promote the event to your community and mobilize your “mob” through your page on carrotmob and enjoy the event
  7. After the “mob”, follow up with the business to ensure they have completed their commitment!

Watch this excellent video on how to actually do it!

All of this bring us to: What is new with Carrotmob? What’s new is a new set of tools to make it easier for organizers to put together new Carrotmob campaigns and promote them on the Carrotmob platform: an organizer resources library, a new organizer worksheet and commitment document, the campaign dashboard and updated campaign pages.

Organizer Resources: This provides an in-depth description of the steps and best practices for putting together a successful campaign as well as links to community discussion on Quora.

Organizer Worksheet and Commitment Agreement: With version 1.0, most organizers wanted help with accountability and follow-through with businesses. The new carrotmob provides a new worksheet and commitment agreement (that you can upload to your campaign) that clearly outlines the responsibilities of the organizer and the business.

In addition, there is a campaign creation dashboard that now walks you through the three major steps of a campaign where you can campaign page, promote it within the community and once your event is over, share the results of your campaign with Carrotmob users and organizers around the world!

Can we “mob” a corporation? “Hell yes”, says Carrotmob founder, Brent Schulkin!

But that is a completely different post. Stay tuned to Ecopreneurist for more on that!

So if you’ve been waiting for the right time to organize a campaign, it just got a whole lot easier! Get started at


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  • Tricia

    Another solution would be to shop at a business that already has an altruistic purpose.

  • Couldn’t agree with you more. Punishing and berating makes people instinctively protect and defend. It’s human behaviour. Incentivising is the way to go. I love the carrot idea. I think the Occupy Movement is a growing one and the more it can be influenced by New Thought leaders to make a positive and empowered evolutionary force, the better.