What if Solar Power Had Fossil-Fuel like Subsidies?

via One Block Off The Grid!

I have been posting about solar energy a lot the last couple of weeks. What can I say, solar energy rocks!

It’s time we gave solar energy a level playing field.

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  • Uncle B

    Energy Control
    Solar, Wave, Wind, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Anaerobic Sewage digestion – all domestic, all renewable, perpetual, eternal, all sustainable. Eden approaches as the Off-grid folks discover super insulation, Straw Bale construction, Hemp-bale load supporting building blocks, low power consumption solid state, rare earth super magnets in wind turbines, mini-hydro, tidal, schemes. This is not the 20th century paradigm, this is the 21st century, this is a new day of rechargeable batteries for bikes, trikes, utility vehicles, rotor-tillers even small farm tractors, perpetually fueled, pollution free, from the sun, the wind, the tides. This is the beginning of Aquaponics for veggies and fish for protein, fish farming on commercial scale and without environmental harm – only very high conversion of fish food to useable protein for mankind, this is the beginning of the age dominated by smaller bodied, lesser muscled, lower caloric intake, healthy, technically skilled, highly educated, highly interconnected, highly interdependent, folk, and the passing of the dull witted, passive, mold-able, enslave-able, high calorie dependent, Great Hulking North American Neanderthals, designer-bred by Vulture Capitalists, Corporatists, these past four hundred years, for the fast, cheap, recovery of the low hanging fruit in North America then shunned as Capital was moved to Asia for promises of greater returns.
    Will this same “Elite” the world-wide group of plutocrats, finance domestic, eternal, perpetual energy resources to support the new “enlightenment” as they build this new American paradigm, communally oriented, a sharing, to replace the Great Corporate American Propaganda Whore’s mesmerizations? Will subsidies come from these control freaks that maintain the Status Quo in America – a very profitable, stationary, built in, established, modus opperandai operating effortlessly for them now ? To save a country? To better mankind? no damned way! They see only ROI, the bottom line, in the here and now, and for themselves only. Remember the first rule of Corporations: At all costs, even to committing murder, to committing treason, minions are legally bound by American Law to defend the shareholders cash, first and foremost. This is an American Axiom of life. The whole system may be brought down by it, but the shareholders cash will remain, safe, even if in Yuan in China! When Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal etc., prove more profitable than coal oil and primitive American styled enriched Uranium fission schemes, they will be bought out and adapted for profit, to increase ROI for the shareholder alone, and not a moment before – the law in our Corpocracy, controlled by international plutocrats, Saudis, rich Russian, rich Americans, rich Israelis, rich Europeans, rich Chinese, etc,. the folks who really control America.

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