Lonesome George’s Legacy Carries On

Company founder, Eduardo Balarezo with Lonesome George

Lonesome George & Co. is a social enterprise organization which believes in global interdependence and maintaining a healthy eco-system here on planet Earth.  It all began with the famous tortoise named Lonesome George.  Although George has recently passed away, with the Lonesome George & Co. project, his legacy can continue for a long, long, time.

What this organization does is to combine branded apparel and experiential education opportunities to ignite a mind shift towards global interdependence.  In their mission statement it is summed up as: “We outfit agents of change.”

Using George’s iconic appeal, the company founders began Lonesome George & Co. to educate tomorrow’s youth and prevent other Lonesome George situations from occurring.  George was the last surviving Pinta Tortoise on planet Earth.  The extinction of his species occurred as a result of human actions and mismanagement of scarce resources.  The branded apparel is a way of education tomorrow’s youth to prevent another species disappearing.  The apparel is very appealing and soft to the touch, so supporting this cause really is a no-brainer.

Lonesome George & Co. uses a triple-bottom-line business model which ensures that 10% of every purchase directly funds youth educational programs to teach and empower future generations about making better choices in our interdependent world.  George is a symbol for making better choices for our own sustainability and the many species we share a planet with.

With the world in a rapid state of change, a mind shift is certainly required to respond to the challenges and opportunities of keeping our dynamic eco-system healthy and thriving.  Lonesome George & Co. empowers a movement of ‘change agents’ who are capable of making choice that both protect and preserve our precious natural resources.

In partnership with Outward Bound, Lonesome George & Co. funds youth leadership and experiential learning programs to empower communities like those in the Galapagos Islands and on a global level.  Proceeds fund projects beyond outdoor classrooms to grow a network of positive change agents by inspiring students, supporters, advocates, and leaders from across the globe.

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