Eco-crowdfunding: AMP's Learning & Sharing Platform to Help Sustainability Champions

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Project: AMP Your Impact, wiki and platform for sustainability

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Is too much of a good thing, bad? Not if it makes the world a better place. But it can present another problem. Here, at Ecopreneurist, we cover business and strategies that do social and environmental good and make profits along the way and trust us when we say – there are so many great things going on that it is hard to keep up. What if there was a way to document happenings in the world of social enterprise, CSR and eco-entrepreneurship on one platform? One that could help other do-gooders get all the information they need.

AMP (AMPlify your impact) is a learning community for individuals interested in making an impact through sustainability. Right now, there is no starting point for those working on issues that relate to sustainability. AMP wants to create an open-access, central destination for information sharing, so questions are not repeated, efforts are not duplicated, time is not wasted, and social and environmental progress is amplified.

How can AMP help you?

Are you a student of sustainability and feeling overwhelmed? AMP provides students with a research portal to quickly understand the space, and see what work is already in progress so you can build upon it in your studies and assignments. It is also a repository for you to share bookmarks and content you’ve created (i.e,. white papers, PPTs, case studies, reports, etc.), setting a price for it in the content marketplace and generating revenue for your efforts while helping others, instead of having all your work sit in folders on your computer.

Are you an aspiring sustainability professional, unsure where to start? This is a complicated and dynamic space, and AMP will help simplify things for you. Whether you’re trying to decide which e-newsletter to subscribe to, find the latest “green company” ranking for employment, find a great conference or figure out which graduate schools offer specialized degrees in sustainability and systems thinking, it’s all easily laid out and easy to browse for someone coming in with fresh eyes.

If you are a current sustainability professional, you’re likely time-strapped and seeking the highest quality and most recent data to support the business case. AMP will house this data, organized by key benefit (i.e., increased efficiency, risk mitigation, innovation, employee retention, consumer loyalty, etc.), so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.  It will also be a place for you to access and share content, and help those following your path through sharing what you’ve found most useful.

For sustainability consultancies, AMP is a place to be listed, rated and reviewed, increasing awareness of your offering and driving traffic to your site. Right now, visibility, differentiation and unbiased reviews from a broad and differentiated audience are hard to come by for consultancies. AMP gives you an immediate feedback mechanism when it comes to brand reputation. Many consultancies use white papers and syndicated reports as a sales tool for their services, and AMP’s content marketplace can be a destination for these – you can set the price if you want to generate revenue or list them for free. Individuals working within a sustainability consultancy will fall into the “current sustainability professionals” category, finding a lot of value in AMP too.

How can you help?

Your donations will help the team build and launch the beta version of the AMP website. This will be pre-loaded with an extensive library of categorized information and resources that’s been collected over the past year, so you can experience the benefits of AMP immediately!

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