Kenguru: A Start-up Bringing Accessible Electric Cars to Wheelchair Users

With a unique design and great price point, the Kenguru is an up-and-coming vehicle designed to suit the transportation needs for those in wheelchairs. It fills a need for a large group of people while remaining economical and it’s got a fantastic future ahead of itself.

The Kenguru electric vehicle is for wheelchair bound individuals. Individuals get to stay in their chair for the entire vehicle experience. They enter through the back of the vehicle and can lock their chair into place as seatbelt. All the controls are on the handles and with a maximum speed of 25mph (and limited to 45mph roads), the Kenguru is a great little around-the-town car.

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It’s also a lot easier on the budget than the $80,000+ customized vans many wheelchair drivers use. With its compact size, the Kenguru is significantly easier to park and enter/exit. Because it’s an electric vehicle, there are many incentives available for individuals who could benefit from this car. Typically, a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) would cost around $25,000, but with green incentives and other offerings for those in wheelchairs, the price could go down a little bit, or down to zero.

Kenguru is brought to the US market by Community Cars, founded by entrepreneur Stacy Zoern who was herself in need of a vehicle she could drive when her muscles were severely weakened by a health condition. She discovered Kenguru — that could improve the lives of many who were dependent on others to drive them around. Now Stacy has even opened a factory to manufacture the Kenguru near Austin.

After just two years of bringing the company to the USA, there is a waiting list for these vehicles. The demand is extremely high both in the US and throughout the world. Kenguru also has plans to develop a joystick controlled version of these vehicles for those who don’t have the upper body strength to power the handlebar style. Kenguru is making significant strides to bring an economical solution to a group of people who will truly benefit.

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