Tamil Nadu Aims for 3000 MWs in 3 Years

  • Published on October 22nd, 2012 by

Attempting to take advantage of the nearly 300 days of clear sun in the state annually, the government of Tamil Nadu, India have started a new energy policy, aiming to produce over 3000 MW of power from solar power in the next 3 years.

Called the ‘Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012’ the new proposal of the Jayalalithaa government, finds the opportunity of the rapidly declining solar panel costs and aims to generate at least 1000 MW through solar power annually in this rapidly developing state.

“… (The policy) intends to made solar energy a people’s movement just as it did earlier in the case of rain water harvesting,” that’s what the policy mentioned.

Aiming to hit the 3000 MW mark by 2015, the new policy mentions how the falling price of solar panels was a big coincidence with the growing cost of grid power in India.

This policy also encourages large-scale power consumers into this by forcing a 6% Solar Purchase Obligation on them.

This policy that has been put by TANGEDCO will be forced on all High Tension consumers, such as SEZS and IT park, but low-tension consumers such as households, cottage and tiny industries, and agricultural buildings will be exempted from this policy.

If you want to know how the 3000 MW of power would be generated. “In utility scale out of 1500 MW, 1000 MW will be funded through SPO and balance 500 MW through Generation Based Incentive (GBI) provided by the government.” The policy mentioned. This policy also promotes the use of solar rooftops for houses and government buildings.

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