LG to Install 100MW Solar Project in Mexico

Mexico’s Ecology and Sustainable Development Commission (CEDES) has established an agreement with Korean conglomerate LG Corp to install a 100 MW solar park in the state of Sonora.

With an investment of $400 million dollars, the solar project will provide electric power to local schools, hospitals and public buildings, and is expected to mitigate 90 thousand tons of CO2 emissions.

According to Oscar Rene Tellez Leyva, CEDES Director, the location of the project is still unknown and remains in early planning phase. However, the park will be developed in three stages, and the first stage will provide clean energy for 12.6 thousand homes and reduce CO2 emissions by 17 thousand tons.

About the Author

Veronica French is an American-Bolivian professional living in Mexico City. She is a freelance writer and web consultant, as well as a marketing and business analyst for GreenMomentum, Inc., a cleantech consulting firm and startup accelerator based in Mexico City and Silicon Valley. She enjoys researching and writing about Mexico’s growing sustainability movement and innovation in clean technology. Topics that also pique her interest are science, technology, religion, human rights and culture. @veronicafrenchy
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