An Infographic that Predicts How Long Your Business Will Last

If you are in the business of anything, you know you need resources – whether it is human or natural capital. When Mitt Romney, a successful businessman famously made a joke about climate change at the 2012 GOP’s national convention during the 2012 presidential elections, he assumed that resources are unlimited and climate change does not affect people who are trying to find jobs. He probably did not see this infographic.

Romney at the convention said,

“President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans,” Romney said, and paused for effect.

The crowd laughed.

“And to heal the planet,” Romney continued.

The crowd laughed again.

“My promise is to help you and your family,” he finished, to a roaring standing ovation from the audience.

In other words, “healing the planet” has little to do with helping American families.

That could not be farther than the truth. If there is no natural capital there is no business and if there is no business, there are no jobs. And rising ocean levels and changes in climate fuel drastic weather conditions that jeopardizes human life, property and well, businesses. Here is an infographic that presents a reality check for everyone who likes to think they can profit by ignoring the environment. That kind of business will just not last.

So if your business depends on any of these limited resources, think about how much time you have before its unavailability affects your output and way of life. And make a change on how you do things today.

I will let this infographic do the rest of the talking via Planetsave


Infographic Details: The infographic was commissioned by the BBC from Piero Zagami. Click on the diagram above for a larger version.

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