CleanTech Open Winners 2012 Highlights

On November 8th and 9th, the Cleantech Open 2012 Global Forum was held in San Jose, CA.  In this “Golden Globes” of Cleantech, the latest in national and international entrepreneurs, members of the investment community, corporate partners, the cleantech community, and like-minded business leaders were brought together for the mutual goals of launching successful cleantech companies. 

The mission of Cleantech Open is to find, fund, and foster entrepreneurs with the big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental, and economic challenges.

Over 120 cleantech companies and sponsors from across the globe provided information, resources, and acceleration support.  The 1,000+ attendees included investors, business leaders, government officials, and members of the media.  From exploring the exposition floor to celebrating the actual award winners, a grand time was had by all exploring the best and the brightest clean technology ideas from around the world.

Some of winners of the 2012 National Accelerator and Global Ideas Competition include:

HEVT, Grand Prize Winner –  The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team of Virginia Tech is a nationally recognized undergraduate student design team from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech.  HEVT participates in a number of annual competitions and have had extensive involvement with the United States Department of Energy.   To win the 2012 CleanTech competition, HEVT developed a game-changing alternative to induction and permanent magnet motors. HEVT’s switched reluctance motor technologies are poised to empower the next generation of electric motors, making performance leaps with unmatched reliability and reduced cost volatility due to the use of zero rare earth minerals.  Congratulations to HEVT!

Rentricity, Renewable Energy Winner – Rentricity’s value proposition is that they have built a smarter, more sustainable water grid which provides clean, renewable hydrokinetic energy recovery for drinking water, wastewater and industrial infrastructure.  Rentricity works with municipal and industrial water facilities in the Northeast to assist them in generating clean, renewable electricity from otherwise wasted resources. How does it do this?  By providing installations which take advantage of pre-existing flows within municipal water systems, generating clean, renewable electricity from previously wasted resources.  By using 20th century infrastructure and moving it forward with 21st century technology, Rentricity earned high honors at the 2012 CleanTech Open.

SiNode, Energy Efficiency Winner – The advanced Li-ion battery technology provided by SiNode allows smart-phones to last for days and charge up in minutes.  SiNode is a silicon-based anode for lithium-ion batteries which is capable of immense increases in energy capacity with dramatic reductions in charge time.  Its solution-based process requires little more than a high school chemistry set and provides anodes which not only perform better, but they are cheaper and much more environmentally friendly than traditional batteries. SiNode’s anodes represent the future of lithium-ion batteries – capable of immense increases in energy capacity, faster charging, environmentally friendly manufacturing, with a price point comparable to traditional batteries.

From start-ups and technologists with new ideas to investors that can bring them to life, the 2012 CleanTech competition provides an opportunity for like-minded companies and individuals to celebrate CleanTech and enhance the technology innovation chain across the planet.  Thanks to all participants and sponsors for the breakthroughs in technology this competition actively supports.

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I am a soccer mom, musician, Beatles fanatic,dreamer, chocolate chip cookie maker, and passionate advocate and evangelist for cleantech and cleanweb causes, organizations, and companies that make the planet better in all ways.
  • Uncle B

    Vague reference here to magnetic reluctance and its control. Asian Physicists will certainly see this revelation, jump on it and produce a rare earth magnet, reactor motor, that will astound the American crowd, both in economic output and economy for scooters to huge trains and heavy equipment. Realize of course ‘almost perpetual’ magnet motors exist today, and with that final electric push from a battery, will produce huge torque. Mankind is only moments away from miraculous discoveries if they can only look outside the box!

  • Ken Dustard

    An Open letter to the Cleantech Open:
    Is the CleanTech Open an open contest?
    It is disturbing to read reports online that imply that the Cleantech Open is rigged like the DOE funding has been.
    When companies sponsor and decide on cleantech contests, when those companies are opposed to cleantech or who have invested interests in making sure only their version of cleantech moves forward and all others are stalled, is that fair?
    Where is the 100% transparency in your contest? How do you guarantee that the rigging that Solyndra, Tesla, Fisker, A123, EnerDel, Abound and similar $$-kick-back “winners”/taxpayer losers isn’t happening with your “contest”?
    Where are each and every note from their reviewers published? Where is the bio and financial disclosure of each of the reviewers?
    The players seem to be the same. The past “winners” and “losers” seem to match the same list as the list of “connected” and “unconnected” companies. Kind of like a mob deal, right?
    Does an unaffiliated open call to the public validate the winners? Why isn’t there one? It looks like Deloitte and Chevron and banks tell the organizers who is going to win, how can they prove to the public that is not the case?
    The world is waiting for your response in an open letter posted on this website. Most applicants won’t even apply to the contest because it looks fixed. They say that the best way to control an industry is to control the industry. Are corporate investor groups rigging the run?
    Bay Area Technology Alliance