Creating Web Videos to Help Promote Your Green Business

One of the best parts about operating an eco-friendly business, aside from doing your part to create a beautiful, healthy planet for future generations, is that you get to use your efforts to help promote your brand. With the public clamoring for green alternatives for everyday products and services, from energy and transportation to the containers used to store their food and the textiles cut to make clothing, any company that can play the environmental friendliness card stands to make an impression on consumers, as well as a fair chunk of change.

But you’ve probably heard the maxim “you have to spend money to make money”, and this is true of any type of promotion. If nobody knows about your eco-efforts as a business you certainly can’t capitalize on the public goodwill the knowledge will garner. So if you’re looking for ways to boost your brand image by making consumers aware of your efforts, one great way to go is by creating web videos. And here are just a few tips to help make your campaign a success.

The place to start is with an understanding of how video content spreads on the web. You don’t necessarily have to create a viral campaign, but if you can come up with a clever hook that grabs the public attention you might be surprised by how far your video can reach. Of course, not every video goes viral, even if you plan it that way. So accounting for proper coverage is a must. This means utilizing not only your personal web space (a corporate website or blog, for example), but also getting your video out to industry blogs, social media platforms, and even brand ambassadors, who can share your content as a trusted source. Knowing the avenues available to you in the online space is essential to making the money you spend here work for you.

But you’ll have to start with an idea. You don’t want your video to fall into the category of blatant self-promotion, so there are a couple of tactics you can take to spread your message in a way that won’t immediately set off alarm bells in viewers’ heads. For one thing, you don’t have to approach the situation from an advertising standpoint. While you could certainly create the standard sort of commercial, you might also consider alternatives like informational/tutorial videos. Or you can come up with some kind of clever gimmick. Take for example the Blendtec blender ads on YouTube. The company’s “Will it blend?” series became hugely popular because the host put everything from an iPhone to Glow Sticks to a plastic skeleton into the blender to show just how powerful the machine was. If you can come up with an entertaining video campaign that catches the public interest like this one, you can impart your green ideals and broaden your consumer base at the same time.

So to start you’ll definitely want to consider the many practical avenues available to display and share your promotional videos, keeping in mind that the internet is largely a visual medium. And don’t forget to address technical issues like sizing so that everyone can view your content. Then you’ll just need to come up with comprehensive content that not only relays your eco-friendly mission, but also upholds the ideals of your brand while offering some kind of hook that prompts viewers to share. Creating successful videos for the worldwide web is a complex undertaking, but it stands to pay off in a big way for the business that nails it.

About the Author

Leon Harris is a freelance writer based in Camarillo, California. A lover of both words and coffee, he can regularly be found either reading or writing at his local coffee shop. If not at the coffee shop, he is usually at UC Santa Barbara, where he attends college part-time.
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