The SocialPreneur Movement

The SocialPreneur, or social entrepreneur, movement is all about being a socially conscious professional. This person recognizes needs within society and uses their reach in the business world to make positive changes, especially in their own community. A SocialPreneur has an interesting role in both business and society, they are making a difference while making a profit – these two can be directly or indirectly connected depending on the nature of their work.

Making Positive Changes and Environmental Consciousness

SocialPreneurship sounds great in theory and looks really good on a business profile, but what is it exactly? What this person does could be a number of helpful things. The most popular route business owners have taken in the last decade is to turn their business green – meaning they have made extraordinary efforts to greatly reduce energy consumption. Going green typically consists of reducing a company’s carbon footprint by cutting back on paper and other material waste, using ecofriendly processes & materials, and scaling back on power generated by coal.

At the core of a Socialpreneurs mindset is the need to make a positive social change in the environment, community, and lives of people. There are almost limitless numbers of avenues that individuals can pursue to achieve this goal. Some examples are micro-financing, organic food shops, farmers markets, and fighting against animal feedlots. There are also some of these professionals that take a more human centric approach and help fund educational programs, sponsor non-profit organizations, and look for ways to generate profits by eliminating problems in the community.

Why You Should Become a SocialPreneur

Businesses are all about the bottom line, making money and profits. There’s no reason a business owner can’t also do good for their environment and community, especially when it might mean a little extra green at the end of the day (get it…green)! If you need a little extra incentive in addition to an ethical hierarchy, tax breaks are a pretty powerful motivation for green businesses. It’s true, energy efficient companies can take advantage of deductions, tax credits, and other incentives on a local, state, and federal level. It doesn’t stop at incentives for cutting back on energy consumption; capital spent on charitable efforts is deductible on taxes. To learn more about tax incentives for reducing energy, visit the U.S. Small Business Administration website. Another incentive for socially conscious companies is recognition and trust; you are more likely to earn and keep customers when they admire what your business is doing to enrich the community. Contributing to the community and environment through actions or finance is an amazing way to gain exposure and people will hold your company to a much higher regard.

An Alternative Interpretation

Although it’s not as culturally significant and certainly lacks the positive impact on the community, there’s another popular interpretation of the term. Many people who use social media and social networking alone to build a business call themselves Social Entrepreneurs. These are people who use social media as the main marketing tool for their own company or a company they work for. They may sell a product or service, and social media is there way to make business connections or find new customers. Basically, this type of entrepreneur is looking to socialize their brand. It seems that in the business world, there needs to be a specific distinction made between socially conscious entrepreneurs and social media entrepreneurs.

Andrew Miller is an experienced Social Media expert and Author. He has worked in marketing for over a decade and finds his passion in bringing concepts to life for the world to enjoy. He is also an avid blogger and currently working on a book with his wife about social entrepreneurship. He is a true Socialpreneur and finds that his goal in life is to be an agent for positive social change through both his writing and business endeavors.

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