How to Plan an Eco Friendly Move

Moving is definitely not easier, and figuring out how to make your move eco-friendly is rarely any easier. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the many stresses of packing and planning, quickly forgetting everything you’ve learned about living life the green way, especially when the reality of the move finally hits.

Don’t let this become your downfall. The average mover creates more waste than he or she will ever realize, and this is a time when we must be as conservative with our resources, and as respectful to our environment, as we can be.

Don’t Move your Clutter

The first thing you can do in planning an eco-friendly move is to get rid of some of your old stuff. You’ve probably accumulated a lot of junk in your years of living at your current home, and it’s not going to do anything but take up space in your new lodging. Part with some of your possessions–stage a yard sale if you want to make a few dollars at the same time. Cutting down on the amount of things you’ll have to move will not only make your job easier, it will cut down on the amount of fuel you burn while driving trucks back and forth between your homes.

Pack Smarter

Think through your packing strategy. When we are not rushed and take logical steps in our decision making, we are usually doing the more sustainable thing anyway. And we save money in the process.

Do not Buy Moving Boxes

Before you start buying moving boxes for packing all of your belongings, think about an alternative solution. Huge amounts of paper are needed to make cardboard boxes, and tons of cardboard waste is thrown away every day. This contributes to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions in many struggling parts of the world. Some new services are offering customers the option of renting reusable moving boxes–many of which are even made from recycled material. In many cases the company will deliver your moving boxes to your old house and pick them up from the new house when your move is finished. It’s clean, green, and convenient: the best way to move.

If there are no reusable moving box services in your area, there are other options. Check with local businesses to see if they’d be willing to let you haul off some of the boxes they’ve got piling up from orders received. Many businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, grocers and any number of other establishments will have piles of used cardboard boxes behind their stores. You may be able to get all the boxes you need for free without contributing a bit to the waste problem.

Whether you’re planning on making the move yourself or enlisting the help of professional town to town movers, be sure to take all the measures for eco-friendliness that you can. This is no time to slouch on your green consciousness. Every time you slip, you inflict a little bit more damage on the environment that you can’t take back. Keep this in mind while making your move–a little bit of creative thinking and ingenuity can make a big difference in your life.

About the Author

Leon Harris is a freelance writer based in Camarillo, California. A lover of both words and coffee, he can regularly be found either reading or writing at his local coffee shop. If not at the coffee shop, he is usually at UC Santa Barbara, where he attends college part-time.
  • One area you didn’t cover is using an eco-friendly moving company. Look for movers who use biodiesel to fuel their moving trucks and also who reuse as much of their materials as possible. Great tip on reusable moving boxes. I used a company called ZippGo which delivered these plastic crates to my house. Very cool and made moving a cinch!