How to Maximize Your Carpooling for the Holidays


Traditionally, when the subject of carpooling comes to mind, we tend to think about packing our kids along with our neighbor’s children into the car on the way to school. However, as more and more people are becoming conscious about the environment, individuals are exploring carpooling as a way to go to work, to church and even leisure functions on the weekends.

So, why not come up with ways to maximize your carpooling over the holidays? It’s one way to spread some Christmas cheer to others while also doing your part to make our world just that much cleaner.

Are you looking for some ways to carpool more over the holiday season? Here are a few suggestions:

Plan a schedule. Christmastime is when there are lots of kid’s plays and church concerts that many people in your social circle will be planning to attend. Therefore, look at your calendar, write the upcoming events down and then reach out to the people you know to discuss if they would be willing to ride with you or if you could ride with them.

Use social media. The great thing about Facebook is that you can set your profile to where only your close family members and friends can see what you are posting. If the thought of calling around to extend a carpooling invitation seems a bit taxing, why not simply post a Facebook status that says, “I have room for three people to ride along if you want to check out the Nutcracker next week.” It only takes a few moments to write and it’s quicker than leaving several voicemails.

Pitch the benefits. There’s a huge chance that there are some people in your world who are a bit skeptical about carpooling. That’s OK because there are many benefits that you can offer to “sell” them on the idea. Carpooling means that the people riding along don’t have to spend money on additional fuel or put more mileage on their cars. Carpooling means that money can be saved on parking sports. Carpooling also means that you can spend some time with people that you may have been trying to catch up with for lunch all year long, but never really had the time to because you were doing so much running around…alone.

Explore mass transit. Sometimes even the “carpool driver” needs a day off. This is where mass transit comes in. The wonderful thing about taking the bus, subway or train is that not only to many reports say that it’s a better eco-friendly way to travel, but it also gives you an opportunity to sometimes sit back, enjoy the ride and take in all of the holiday lights and sights.

Get in some exercise. There are going to be a lot of sweets during the holidays and you won’t have to deprive yourself quite as much if you either take your car and park a few blocks away from where you are going or you take public transportation and are willing to walk a few blocks to your destination. If you pitch it that way to others, you might even be able to get a friend or two to come along. This way, you won’t only be burning less fuel, but you’ll also be burning more calories simultaneously. Happy Holidays!

About the Author

Leon Harris is a freelance writer based in Camarillo, California. A lover of both words and coffee, he can regularly be found either reading or writing at his local coffee shop. If not at the coffee shop, he is usually at UC Santa Barbara, where he attends college part-time.