Green is the Color of Innovative Architecture and Home Design

Repeat after me, “Good Design is Green Design.”  There are many weblogs online which are devoted to tracking innovations in technology, practices and materials, and the future of design towards a smarter, greener, more sustainable future. is one of the top and it offers stimulating imagery, excellent resources, and solid information about sustainable architecture and home design.’s attention is focused on spaces and objects which are multi-purpose, eco-friendly, modular, interactive, and/or enhance sustainability.  In Inhabitat’s world, design innovation balances substance with style.  Many contemporary designs merely imitate Modernist ideas which are so 20th Century.  This means that often there are very valuable technological innovations which are not packaged into enough of a stylistic aesthetic to move beyond the current niche circles and crossover into mainstream popular adoption. is working to change that.

The philosophy is that “Green Design” is not separate from or different to aesthetically pleasing good design.  All design should inherently be sustainable, eco-friendly, and “green.”  Good design is not about style, color, or trends – instead it is about thoughtfully considering the user, the experience, impact, and social context of an object on the surrounding environment.  Unless a design addresses all of these concerns, it truly is not good design.  Inhabitat proves that by offering a forum for attractive, sustainable architecture and home design which uses the most innovative technology, practices and materials to push for a smarter, more sustainable future.

Started by NYC designer Jill Fehrenbacher as a forum to investigate emerging trends in interior, product and architectural design, it is now led by an editorial and business operations team which consists of the top design editors and writers from all over the planet.

Recently, the weblog featured articles on a micro-home in Sweden, festive LED Christmas Lights, 21 Fab Green Gifts for the Home, and a delicious recipe for Petey’s vegan almond cookies in its ‘inhabitots’ section.  Whether you are a designer looking for ideas, an architect wanting to publicize the latest in green technology, or just someone looking to incorporate more sustainable products and practices into your life – is the go-to source for aesthetically pleasing sustainability.

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