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By now, Pinterest is a household name. Everyone is on it, pinning their hearts out. Although the grow rate for 2013 isn’t predicted to be as dramatic as it was in 2012, it’s safe to say, Pinterest will be with us for a while. Whether you’re pinning tonight’s dinner recipe or checking out some gift ideas, did you know you’re helping to make Pinterest a valuable marketing tool? Now, Pinterest is driving more traffic than Yahoo! search. If you haven’t hopped on this valuable wagon yet, I suggest you do that now.

How Can Pinterest Help Me?

If you have anything visual to sell- bedding, fashion, accessories, handmade goods, holiday wares, party decor, etc- you have a market for your product on Pinterest. Pinterest is an excellent medium to stay fresh in the minds of your customers and potential customers. Create boards which reflect the values of your company and find other companies you like and share their pins. Perhaps you are a certified organizer. You could easily create a board of space savers for the bathroom or pin image of neat and organized office. If you have a cleaning service, pin pictures of beautifully, clean spotless homes. If you have a child care service, share craft ideas for parents and kids. The options are limitless!

Add Pinterest to Your Social Plan

Marketing is never easy and neither is ecomarketing. Ecomarketing is easier than traditional marketing because it often times cuts out unnecessary items like direct mail and unwanted catalogs. Eco-marketing also encompasses social media because they are often environmentally friendly ways of getting your message out to your customers. With Pinterest, you can take your account and highlight it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, and whatever other accounts you have. You can also incorporate the “Pin It” button into your email marketing efforts so email subscribers can pin photos and even articles!

In addition to adding Pinterest to your already thriving social plan, you should know that for many retailers, Pinterest drives more traffic than Facebook. Pinterest’s users are predominantly female in the 18-30 age range. Another interesting fact is that those women who do use Pinterest spend more money online, and typically spend more per transaction than a non-Pinterest user when shopping.

How Do I Start?

As of right now, they don’t do silly stuff like ask you to pay to promote your pin or anything like other social sites do. The key to Pinterest is to always be on it. If you (or your company) can afford it, hire someone to fully immerse him/herself in Pinterest and Pinterest marketing. There are “pin bots” out there to automate your pinning, so you’ll have to see if that’s right for you. In November, Pinterest rolled out a business platform, so when you sign up, choose that option at the bottom of the screen. If you already created a Pinterest account, you can easily convert your account to the business version (it’s still free), and verify your website.

How do you feel about using Pinterest for your marketing efforts?

About the Author

Megan Vick is a blogger, entrepreneur, tech-geek, fitness fiend, animal and environment lover, green goddess, and world traveler. She uses organic and vegan ingredients to make bath and body products for her company, Shorganics.
  • Great article! Thanks for sharing.

    Adding the “Pin It” button to your website, like you said, is very important. However, If you’re considering using Pinterest for your business, you’ll also need to think about the images on your website. Having high-quality, eye-catching images on every page encourages visitors to pin your content, and encourages other users on Pinterest to repin it.

    Also, remember not to just pin your own stuff. Your followers on Pinterest want to see outside content, too, or they may feel bombarded by advertisements. Seek to entertain, inspire, or educate with the content you pin to provide value.

    • Thanks for the comment, Jackie! You are absolutely spot on with that assessment! Pinning images from other users also encourages the community building that Pinterest seeks to provide. 🙂

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  • I couldn’t agree more! Last I read, Pinterest was the 3rd most popular social media platform and not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. I’ll admit I was a little bit slow on jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon and thought it was just a hobby type of platform but after coming across so many resources about how awesome it is, it’s been a tremendous help to my biz. An excellent Pinterest Influencer Network I’ve come across that’s been really helpful worth mentioning is PinLeague. Hope this helps and thanks!