HP Life – Social Innovation to Create Global Citizens & Entrepreneurs

The Hewlett-Packard Life program is one which helps self-starters worldwide succeed with business and IT skills.  For Hewlett-Packard, Global Citizenship is core to the company values and global business strategy.  This value benefits everyone from employees to customers to shareholders to program recipients.

The HP Life program is for aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages.  HP Life provides the training in business and IT skills which entrepreneurs need to turn their ideas and ambitions into reality.  Currently, HP Life has created an estimated 12,800 businesses and 24,600 jobs in over 48 countries.

At the moment, there a number of business training programs for entrepreneurs and multiple programs which train on the use of IT.  With HP Life, Hewlett-Packard has created a unique program which combines both business and IT training to give entrepreneurs the tools required for success.

The HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE) is a global program which trains students, aspiring entrepreneurs, and small business owners on how to harness the power of IT for establishing and growing their business.  It helps them build successful companies and creates jobs.  HP Life is built on a long tradition of HP assistance for entrepreneurship support activity.

The HP Life program combines face-to-face training and online tools which address the educational needs of students – regardless of their background, location, or circumstances.  This innovative training approach uses online tools and serious games, in addition to a traditional classroom approach which provides training virtually anywhere.

Some of the successful programs currently in action are:

  • Homemade Success in India – Vanajakshi Ravindra Lokhande was struggling to provide for her family on two dollars a day.  Through HP Life, she started her own pickle making business with a micro-loan of $40.00
  • Bridge Farm in Nigeria –  With assistance from the HP Life program, Rachel Odii, a  33-year-old Nigerian, now owns her own farm and a growing business.
  • Herbal Remedy Business in China – After a year of job hunting, 47-year-old Xiao Shengzhang saw no opportunities on the horizon.  To make ends meet, he began growing and selling herbal remedies in his village.  Before HP Life, he’d never used the internet.  Now, his online business employs more than 2,100 people in 20 villages in China and his company is a popular local source for herbal remedies.

Learn more about the HP Life program here: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/hp-information/social-innovation/life-building.html

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