Hangout with an Eco-preneur – Becky Striepe on Google+, Tuesdays 4 pm EST

We are proud to announce a brand new Hangout-on-Air series on Ecopreneurist called “Hangout with an Eco-preneur”. Every Tuesday we will chat with an eco or social entrepreneur who is creating an impact through a viable business. We hope these inspiring stories and lessons learned will encourage you to dream big and do good.

This live interview discussion will stream on our G+ Page and our You Tube Channel.

Hangout with an Eco-preneur – Becky Striepe

For our very first Hangout-on-Air, we will chat with Becky Striepe, a wonderful person and a successful entrepreneur. Becky is a freelance writer and vegan crafter living in Atlanta, Georgia. Her life’s mission  – make green crafting and vegan food accessible to everyone! Becky is the owner at Glue and Glitter and just published her first book on “40 days of Green Smoothies”

“I believe in the power of little changes: using cloth napkins instead of paper, a reusable bag instead of a plastic one, and eating vegan, even if you’re just starting with a few meatless meals each week. Things like this add up to make a big impact! Even the act of cooking is so much greener than takeout when you consider all of the packaging and whatnot involved in ordering that Chinese delivery. I also believe that cooking and crafting go hand-in-hand. I mean, what’s craftier than whipping up a delicious meal or tasty treats to share with your friends and family, right?”

Becky writes at Crafting a Green WorldEat Drink BettergreenUPGRADER, Feelgood StyleCare2 and How Stuff Works.

So join us to learn how Becky does it all!

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Hangout Details:

When: Tuesday, Jan 15, 4 PM EST

Where: on Google Plus

The Hangout will also stream live on our You Tube Channel

Format: The Hangout will include a few questions from me (10-15 min). After our initial chit chat I will pose reader questions to Becky or hangout participants can ask her a question.

We are so looking froward to this Hangout! Tune in to hear from inspiring entrepreneurs like Becky.



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