ALLOTINABOX: Grow Your Own Food in a Box


Have you heard about ALLOTINABOX? It might sound like that infamous Justin Timberlake/Andy Samberg holiday song from a few years back, but it’s way cooler. ALLOTINABOX is a “Grow Your Own” (GYO) company based in the UK. With a passion for sustainability, the environment, and helping people live a healthier life, ALLOTINABOX was born and is now a thriving start up in Britain.

If you live in the city, you know how difficult growing your own food can be. With limited light in apartments, little to no balcony space, and very few community gardens, having freshly picked produce might be a pipe dream. Many studies and personal stories validate that it is less expensive to grow your own food than to go to a store and purchase produce. Not to mention, there is significantly more waste when purchasing from a grocery store. The owners created the concept of an allotment in a box: “a product and service that would provide people with the knowledge and basics for growing their own food, no matter what space they have available.”

The response to ALLOTINABOX has been phenomenal and they are still very new. ALLOTINABOX prides itself on sourcing the best of what Britain has to offer. To reduce their carbon “foodprint,” ALLOTINABOX supports local businesses all within a bike ride away. Whether it’s packaging, seed suppliers, designers, or photographers, the folks at ALLOTINABOX want to draw in the young, environmentally aware talent to grow their business. (I’m not sorry for that pun.) All of the packaging is fully recyclable and each box you get are adapted to the current season.

ALLOTINABOX is a great way to encourage healthy eating and cooking in the home. It’s also a great opportunity for families to grow a plant from seed to harvest and see it on their table. With awesome plants like chives, carrots, salad greens, tomatoes, and nearly every kitchen herb you can think of, ALLOTINABOX provides a grow wheel. This helps you separate your plants, and tells you when to plant seedlings, and when to harvest.

The success of ALLOTINABOX is truly amazing and encouraging. They are looking into setting up their own private food label, as well as expanding their business and philosophy into other healthy food areas. You can even order your own ALLOTINABOX for your American residence!

When are you starting your own vegetable garden?

About the Author

Megan Vick is a blogger, entrepreneur, tech-geek, fitness fiend, animal and environment lover, green goddess, and world traveler. She uses organic and vegan ingredients to make bath and body products for her company, Shorganics.