All Roads Lead to Zero


What if leading manufacturers could produce zero discharge of hazardous chemicals?  What if they could get it done by 2020?  Well, in 2011, a group of major apparel and footwear brands and retailers made the shared commitment to lead their industry to Zero Discharge.

The first thing the brands did was create and publish a Joint Roadmap in November 2011.  By showing their commitment in writing, the group has measurable, achievable, and attainable collaborative efforts for the leading apparel and footwear industry to get to Zero Discharge for all products across all pathways by 2020.

It’s a high ambitious plan which sets a revolutionary new standard of environmental performance for the global apparel and footwear industry.  Any members and/or associates commit to specific actions and timelines in order to achieve the shared goal.

One of the major undertakings of the Road to Zero is to ask industry stakeholders to support the endeavor and help gather feedback on current discharges of hazardous chemicals.  The brands involved believe that by engaging stakeholders, the Joint Roadmap is in a much stronger position to achieve this ambitious goals.  Sustainability, Inc. coordinated the stakeholder consultation on behalf of the brands participating.  Individuals consulted included NGO representatives, chemical company workers, technical experts, and assorted industry experts.

The Joint Roadmap all the brands have committed to is highly ambitious.  It is a way of achieving a new standard of environmental performance worldwide for the apparel and footwear industry.  Brands are expected to report regularly and publicly on their progress towards the Joint Roadmap timeline (quarterly in 2012 and then annually from 2013 thru 2020).  Information is communicated through the Road to Zero website.

See participating brands in the image below.  To monitor the Road to Zero for yourself:



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  • Uncle B

    Outside the realm of cutthroat, barracuda Capitalism/Corporatism – any concentration is an exploitable anomaly. Wasteful, Arrogant, Extravaganza, U.S. corporate logic is no longer valid in a world where growing populations place larger demands on systems. Even China recycles much, but not enough – they have mine able concentrations of useable chemicals polluting rivers and streams for corporate convenience, not the popular communal good. ( not very ‘communist’ at all!)