Hook Me Up! – Connect For a Cause Does Just That



Giving back for the greater good is something that makes everyone feel happy.  However, sometimes it can be challenging to connect the right movers and shakers with the right charitable organizations. 

That’s where Connect for a Cause comes in.  They provide a social fundraising platform where social entrepreneurs and do-gooders of every stripe can facilitate face to face meeting with VIPs and industry experts to get the right support for their causes.

How it works is like other social networks – only more purposeful and beneficial way.

Users create a profile, then, they can browse around for people they would like to connect with or nonprofits they would like to support.  Whenever users are ready, they can place bids on a meeting they’d like to get or run an online auction for a charitable cause.  The higher the bid for each meeting, the more dollars go to the nonprofit users have chosen.

Connectors can choose more than one charity or nonprofit to support.  All the people on the social platform provide information about themselves, their profession, and the causes that are near and dear to their hearts.

Headquartered in New Orleans, the platform has managed to raise much needed funds for many different charities all over the country.  Connect for a Cause is passionate about the people and organizations they work with.  There is truly nothing more exciting or fulfilling when people get the right meetings they need to achieve success.

If you’re a person who is passionate about people, tech, doing good, and nonprofits, or would like information about the organization and the connections folks are making, Connect for a Cause would love to hear from you!


About the Author

I am a soccer mom, musician, Beatles fanatic,dreamer, chocolate chip cookie maker, and passionate advocate and evangelist for cleantech and cleanweb causes, organizations, and companies that make the planet better in all ways.