Operation Cleantech pt 3: America the Loser


In part three of Operation Cleantech, Future360 asks everyday Americans how it feels like to lose. While trying not to get punched in the face in the process. America has always been a world leader. We put man on the moon. We invented flight, light and the iPad. But when it comes to cleantech, we’re trailing behind the rest of the world.

Here are some sobering facts:

China gets 15% of its energy from renewables, where we only get 8%;

Israel ranks higher than the US on Global Cleantech Innovation Index;

Brazil is kicking our butt with biofuel production; and even Finland is out innovating us with green design.

This was news to our friends in downtown LA, who were eager to get off oil and gas, and push forward on cleantech like the rest of the world.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ6ssrn9ccs&w=460&h=315]


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  • Uncle B

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