Craving Swiss Chocolate from Switzerland? How About a Spanish Madeira direct from Spain? can hook it up!

 Jib.li_ is an online service which connects people who need to send something, somewhere, with folks who are actually traveling there.  It’s a way of helping airline passengers share the luggage allowance by providing a service and getting paid.

The luggage allowance is the next frontier for collaborative consumption in the aviation industry. is a social platform which connects travelers or non-travelers in ways that provide things they can only get from certain places.

Currently, most airlines restrict the amount of carry-on luggage which can be taken on-board by each passenger.  They then charge anyone needing to load extra items. uses social network-like connections to match people with unused allowances with others on the same flight who are looking to avoid such charges.

On, users with extra space can post details of their journey through the site – and if another member can use it – get paid for carrying the luggage of others.  Passengers surpassing their weight limit are then able to take full advantage of lower prices for placing extra items on the plane.

Luggage is truly the next frontier for collaborative consumption in the aviation industry.  While it makes lots of sense to both maximize the available storage space for carry-on and stow-away luggage, with the various security concerns around airport travel  it will be interesting to see how this model is able to scale up in a safe and manageable way.


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