A subscription service for sustainable and ethically produced underwear

Film7Underwear is probably one of the most underrated articles of clothing, considering it’s in contact with some of the most sensitive parts of our bodies all day long. And it might also be one of the most tedious items to purchase, as every man will need to get new undies on a regular basis (unless you go commando), yet most of the choices on the market for men’s underwear don’t have a lot going for them. After all, what’s to get excited about if all you have to choose from are different colors of the same-old same-old cotton drawers?

But for the discerning man, a new service aims to take the pain out of underwear shopping, by offering ethically produced comfortable skivvies made from sustainable materials, delivered right to your door every quarter.

Dada Underwear offers what’s being called “the most comfortable underwear for men”, made from bamboo and organic cotton, in a variety of styles to fit everyone’s taste in clothing. And to help eliminate the need to remember to pick up new drawers at the store, a subscription to Dada’s Quarterly Underwear Club will ensure that a fresh new pair of eco-underwear will arrive in your mailbox every three months.

The company wants to expand their offerings by producing several new styles of underclothes, made with different fabric options, including ones made from coconut fibers, coffee grounds, and seaweed. To that end, Dada has launched a crowdfunding campaign to put those new styles into production, giving those who choose sustainable underwear a handful of additional options.

Dada Quarterly Underwear Club

Dada’s claim to being “ethically-produced” is based, in part, on the manufacturing process:

All of our manufacturing is done in Sri Lanka which is renowned for its high quality production and ethical standards compared to other parts of the world. We have developed a long-term partnership with our manufacturer based on shared values:

– All workers are paid a ‘living wage’ – enough to support themselves and their families.

– Meals are provided for workers each day, free of charge.

– Transport is provided for workers to ensure they live with their families in their villages.

– All of the plants are ISO9001 accredited.

– All plants are ‘Garments without Guilt’ certified and audited regularly.

– We help sponsor a program which takes women from challenging situations and teach them how to sew so they can sustain themselves.

Backers that pledge their support to the Kickstarter campaign by December 24th can get a gift voucher delivered to them before the holidays (though the first pair will not be shipped until April of 2014).

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