Free Sustainable Development Course from Jeffrey D. Sachs

In certain circles, the word sustainable gets tossed around quite a bit, and depending on the background of the people using it, it can have a certain cachet and authority, but in the bigger scheme of things, such as discussing the economy and economic development in layman’s terms, it may serve to muddy the waters instead of clarify them. For example, when referring to “sustainable development”, it might not be clear just exactly what that means to anyone that isn’t actively involved in studying it. Sustainable for who?

In a nutshell, sustainable development is economic development that is not just environmentally sustainable, but is also socially inclusive. But even with that definition, it can be hard to wrap our minds around the concepts of sustainable development when it comes to determining which specific challenges must be overcome, and what particular solutions will need to be implemented, in order to meet the criteria of sustainable development.

If you’re interested in learning more about the topic, whether from your perspective as a social entrepreneur or an activist or a policy maker, a free online course from world-renowned economics professor Jeffrey D. Sachs might be a good way to get started in understanding sustainable development.

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On his blog “I see a change,” Nigerian Youth Development Expert Olumide Idowu presents the elements of sustainable development (source: Not all online courses provide all they promise you, but here’s one that should answer…

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