Online Solar Cost and Savings Estimate Tool Launched By EnergySage

If you’re curious about solar power for your home or business, but don’t know how to get started, a new online solar cost and savings estimation tool can quickly give you some of the answers you’re looking for. This “Instant Solar Estimate” features an easy-to-use interface that can determine the suitability of your roof for a solar panel installation, the costs involved for a project that would fit your building, and the potential savings in energy costs, depending on whether you would pay cash for the solar system, take out a zero-interest loan, or lease the panels.

While it’s perhaps not as precise as having a solar contractor give you a full workup on the costs and benefits of a home or business solar power system, this estimation tool can give you enough info to quickly see if solar makes sense for you to pursue.

Instant Solar Estimate Tool Launched By EnergySage

[repostus]Instant Solar Estimate Tool Launched By EnergySage — Wicked Awesome! (via Solar Love)

EnergySage this week launched a new “Instant Solar Estimate” tool. It’s wicked awesome! Definitely the coolest I’ve, and also the quickest. Of course, the tool doesn’t require much personal information, which might sometimes result in a less…

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