New Chevy LUV Could be Perfect Small Hauler for Green Businesses

Living in the southwest, where having a big truck is something of a status symbol (even though many of them aren’t used to haul anything heftier than a week’s worth of groceries), I often wonder just how people can afford the gas for these huge vehicles, considering the high prices of fuel and how incredibly inefficient most big trucks are.

I also find it odd that there aren’t more small trucks on the road, considering that even when you need a pickup truck, a smaller truck could get the same job done while burning half as much fuel. Over the course of a month or a year, those fuel savings can add up to quite a bit of cash (and a big reduction in transportation-related emissions), so choosing a truck based on that alone could have significant benefits, including helping to increase the bottom line.

For green businesses that require a small fuel-efficient truck for hauling or deliveries, your perfect vehicle may be coming on its way, thanks to Chevrolet, who is rumored to be bringing an updated version of their classic LUV truck to America.

Jo Borras, at our sister site Gas2, has the scoop:

New Chevy LUV is Coming to America + Super Gallery (13 Photos)

[repostus]New Chevy LUV is Coming to America + Super Gallery (13 Photos) (via Gas 2.0)

Chevy is building a new LUV. That’s the buzz over at Jalopnik, anyway, where Jason Torchinsky claims he was able to pry a few slivers of information from the loose lips of GM designers. He’s right. Chevy is definitely building a new LUV, and it’…

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