Your Next Minivan Should be a Mercedes: 2015 Mercedes-Benz V250

Minivans have a bad rap, perhaps from being seen as just another kid-hauler and grocery-getter, but they can actually make a lot of sense for both families and businesses alike. A minivan can fit a lot of goods (or people) in them, are as easy to drive and park as a sedan is, and can get good gas mileage while doing so. And for a business that needs to do pickups and deliveries, or to haul people to jobsites or meetings, owning or leasing a minivan for those needs, instead of a full-size van or truck, can end up saving fuel costs and being more eco-friendly.

A new minivan from Mercedes-Benz, which will offer drivers a fuel-efficiency of nearly 40 MPG, is hitting the European market, and could be arriving in the US sometime in the next few years. This minivan, which features the distinctive styling and durability we’ve come to expect from Mercedes, just might be the green company vehicle you’ve been waiting for. Jo Borras, over at our sister site Gas2, has the story on the 2015 Mercedes-Benz V250 minivan:

2015 Mercedes Minivan Launches in Europe

[repostus]2015 Mercedes Minivan Launches in Europe (via Gas 2.0)

Last week, Mercedes-Benz launched a new minivan for the European market that could- if you look closely enough- be the single most disruptive new vehicle launch of the year. The way you move your pets, plants, and people around in the near future could…

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