Citroen Markets to Millennials with Pay-Per-Use Plan

In a bid that may make getting behind the wheel of a new car more appealing to younger buyers, such as Millennials, that are less likely to purchase big ticket items, Citroen is offering an attractive alternative, in the form of a pay-per-use plan.

With fewer Millennials willing to buy new cars or houses, emulating a plan that most of them are used to, such as their mobile phone plan, may help Citroen to attract new drivers to the brand, and may be a harbinger of the future of automotive financing and ownership.

Chris DeMorro, at our sister site Gas2, has the scoop:

[repostus]Citroen Pitches Phone-like Payment Plan To Millennials (via Gas 2.0)

Citroen’s solution to a lack of young buyers is an innovative pay-per-use plan based on mileage, offering access to new cars rather than outright ownership. The plan is being rolled out in select European countries, and could offer Millennials all…

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