How to Keep Your Startup Afloat with Smooth Scaling


Visionary startups are always talking about breaking the mold, shaking things up, or leaving the world a different place from the way they found it. That kind of passion is perfectly fine, encouraging even, but at some point a business owner needs to know what they are able to do versus what they want to do.

That’s where scaling comes in. Scaling your business means having a plan over time, determining where your business is and where it has the short-term potential to grow. It’s an important factor to keep in mind because when properly done, it ensures that your company’s growth is paced with its ability to grow.

Thankfully – for the impatient types – the boom of smartphones as a universal platform for virtually all tasks has made a different kind of growth possible without a much higher increase in cost. For those looking to expand virtually, creating an app or mobile presence is a great way to reach new customers in new ways, without stretching one’s self too thinly.

If you need advice with scaling or just need to know where to start, we have an infographic that will make things more clear for you. Look it over, then give your startup a good, hard look and figure out if you need to do some scaling of your own. Brought to you by / , it’s an interesting look at new possibilities.

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