Grow Edible Insects with the Open Bug Farm for Homegrown Protein

edible insects MealwormThe road to a more sustainable food system begins in your backyard and on your kitchen table, and an opensource farming system for edible insects aims to put more homegrown protein on your plate. While eating insects is standard fare in many parts of the world, in the US bugs are still a fringe food, but by taking some of the mystery out of edible insects and enabling home production, this startup aims to introduce entomophagy to more tables.

According to Tiny Farms, protein from edible insects is “poised to become a big part of the global food supply,” and could be a crucial element to feeding more people with less resources, but for many of us, the thought of eating bugs isn’t exactly mouth-watering. However, if the Open Bug Farm gets some traction among local food activists, mealworms could be more than just reptile and fish food. From our sister site Sustainablog, Jeff explains how you can get started with edible insect farming:

Grow Your Own Edible Insects: the Open Bug Farm

[repostus]Grow Your Own Edible Insects: the Open Bug Farm (via sustainablog)

You might expect to see people eating bugs on some reality show competition, but certainly not in homes or restaurants… right? Think again – the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations promotes the idea, and foodies in the Western…

[Mealworm image: Pengo]

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