Artist Builds Tiny House Shelters for the Homeless Through Dumpster Diving

Reuse and repurposing are two important elements in building a more sustainable world, and when combined with a social good component, might be the trifecta that could make a big difference for the homeless. To that end, an Oakland-based artist named Gregory Kloehn is using found materials from dumpsters to craft mobile tiny houses, without having money enter the equation.

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg lays it out for us at Sustainablog:

The Dumpster Diving Builder: Gregory Kloehn’s Homeless Homes Project

[repostus]The Dumpster Diving Builder: Gregory Kloehn’s Homeless Homes Project (via sustainablog)

I’ve written about dumpster diving and freeganism for years, but, lately, I’ve really become fascinated by the subject (though I’m still working up the nerve for my first actual dive). I’ve fed this fascination with a couple of really active…


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