Growth of Networking Technology Offers Opportunities for Eco Entrepreneurs

Given the current situation in computing and networking technology, where every other person has their own personal computer, and perhaps a smartphone in their pocket, it’s easy to think that we’ve had these high tech tools for ages.

However, the reality is that it’s really only been just in the last 25 years that both computer hardware and software have advanced the state of networking technology to the point where entrepreneurs and inventors can start with an idea and end up building a whole business around it, without needing much in terms of physical materials.

And because of this ability for just about anyone to reach out and engage, educate, or entertain other people on the opposite side of the globe, this rapidly growing field of technology and networking can offer aspiring eco entrepreneurs all sorts of opportunities, whether it’s selling a green product or service, or providing a smarter piece of software that can further sustainability efforts, or teaching others how to better manage their energy, water, or other resources.

According to this infographic, the IT industry, which supports a wide array of internet communications platforms and services, is expected to grow by 22% by 2020, and the demand for software engineers and database administrators is projected to grow by more than 30% in that same time period. That growth can be the source of a lot of opportunity for those who either have the IT skills already, or who are interested in attaining those skills, and might be an integral part of building a more eco-friendly world, by using technology in the service of sustainability efforts.

ever expanding network

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