Dell Partners with Newlight to Use Carbon Negative Packaging

Instead of using petroleum-based plastic packaging, Dell is planning to use an innovative carbon negative packaging in a pilot program in the US, which will help the computer company get one step closer to their goal of 100% sustainable packaging by 2020.

The efforts are part of Dell’s ambitious sustainability plan, which also incorporates a closed-loop recycled plastics component.

“Dell’s new packaging is based on carbon-negative AirCarbon material from bio-tech start-up, Newlight Technologies. While almost all plastics today are developed from fossil fuels, AirCarbon by Newlight Technologies is a plastic material made from air and greenhouse gases that would otherwise become part of the air. This process sequesters more carbon than it produces, pulling carbon from the air and generating a net positive impact on the environment. AirCarbon has been independently verified by Trucost in cooperation with NSF Sustainability as a carbon-negative material on a cradle-to-grave basis.” – Dell

Tina Casey has the story at CleanTechnica:

[repostus]Carbon Negative Packaging For Dell = Koch Worst Nightmare (via Clean Technica)

Holy carbon capture, Batman! We’ve been following a company called Newlight Technologies, which has come up with a carbon negative plastics manufacturing process, and it looks like the idea is catching on. Following on the heels of news that Sprint…


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