SPLASSH: A Social Network For Crowdsourcing Waterway Conditions

SPLASSHIn order to build a more sustainable future, we’re going to have to work to make better use of one of our most precious resources, water. Without access to adequate quantities of fresh clean water, most of the systems that support life on Earth will suffer, and it’s not enough to simply try to drill new wells or tap more surface water.

A whole range of approaches to water issues will be needed as we move forward, from waterway improvements to water filtration and decontamination technology to water conservation initiatives, and because of the wide variety of disciplines involved in water-related solutions, it’s imperative that we collaborate and share and discuss water data and projects.

To that end, a new social network, SPLASSH, seeks to capture and share information about water projects and conditions among students, researchers, and citizen scientists, in order to better understand the state of waterways and raise more awareness of the importance of water conservation.

“As a social network, SPLASSH will engage users to share, discuss and visually consume information about water. Our mission is to inspire water conservation through awareness in hopes of tackling one of the biggest global challenges that we face as a society, the sustainable use water.”

SPLASSH allows researchers, students, or citizen scientists to publicly post their water projects, where other users can read about or comment on them, possibly leading to innovations or solutions from the crowd, and users can subscribe to certain water projects in order to track their progress and get updates.

“Valuable water information is often hidden in nooks and crannies in the web or beyond reach in a file cabinet. SPLASSH provides a simple yet powerful tool that frees up that water information so it can be shared, discussed, and leveraged, empowering us to create a more sustainable water future.” – Don McEnhill, Executive Director, Russian Riverkeeper, Healdsburg, CA

The big idea behind SPLASSH is that it aims to put as much facts and research together as possible, outside of the traditional academic silo that much of the data resides in, so that it becomes an engaging resource for current and future water projects, and allows for much wider dissemination of information about water conservation and water issues.

This platform could prove to be a great resource for entrepreneurs and inventors looking to address water issues with their product or business, and could serve as a method of engaging people and getting feedback on projects and research initiatives, but like any other new venture, it will take a certain critical mass of users and projects before it really hits its stride.

To help launch SPLASSH (which stands for Student Programs Like Aquatic Science Sampling Headquarters), the team behind it is running a crowdfunding campaign on Experiment, which will fund a gamification component for the platform, as well as underwrite some database and mapping elements for the site.

Find out more about SLASSH at the website or Facebook page.

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