New Platform Connects Entrepreneurs While Traveling

startuptravels screenshotWhen you’re traveling, there are plenty of options for finding places to stay and things to do, but because (at least) half of the fun of traveling is the opportunity for meeting other like-minded people, it’s often not enough to just stick to the standard tourist or business destinations.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a social travel network that could connect entrepreneurs and business professionals with their peers while traveling, in order to network for business and pleasure, and get in with the local startup and entrepreneurial scene?

Well, you’re in luck, because one startup envisions their new platform as being akin to AirBNB meets LinkedIn, which could offer benefits for traveling entrepreneurs, ranging from finding a place to stay to attending a local meetup.

“Our vision is to connect entrepreneurs around the globe and make sure to add the dimension of networking while traveling. It should be easier to connect with each other because that is when we create shared value” – Startuptravels founder Anders Hasselstrøm

Startuptravels, which was founded by a group of Danish entrepreneurs, aims to make it simple and rewarding to find a place to stay while traveling, a desk to work at while on the road, or even to just arrange a coffee meetup for networking or collaboration or just friendly conversation.

The new platform, which will need to have as many users as possible in order to provide the best value for everyone, is using a referral system for signups, designed to give earlier access to the people who invite the most new users. Like most new ventures, it will take a certain critical mass, especially in smaller cities and lesser-known travel locations, to really take off, so the team is looking to sign up as many local and international users as possible.

Currently, about 2500 people have signed up for the private beta launch of the platform, and if this sounds like something you’d be interested in using for networking while traveling (or even finding a place to stay or rent), sign up at Startuptravels.

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